Our Work

We focus on developing cost-effective and reliable corporate software for oil & gas industry, which should help business persons manage their companies properly. Our specialists have developed a full scope of unique solutions to match your specific needs, boost production and help you overcome the increasingly tough competition. We will call upon all available resources (including scientists from universities and research & development centers) to solve problems as efficiently as possible.

We offer services

  • All kinds of Windows- and Web-based software and services (including ERP, CRM systems, computing, data processing software; analytical, reporting systems)
  • Software project outsourcing
  • Consulting and problem solving

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In keeping with our customers needs, we offer high quality programming services. Our company hires a team of skilled and devoted engineers and developers who are ready to maintain your project throughout lifecycle. We customize a variety of desktop-, web- and distributed applications to fit your particular business model.

How do we work?

Our company utilizes a step-by-step approach in outlining our cooperation with each particular customer. To meet our clients expectations, we should study and follow technical characteristics and requirements, which can be changed any time. Based on this information we draft a prototype and submit it to the customer. Once he/she expresses satisfaction with the prototype, we implement our best software engineering practices. We take each stage of the software development process very seriously and do our uttermost to ensure quick and timely completion.

Our key competency areas
Operating systemsWindows
LanguagesC#, C, C++
TechnologiesMicrosoft .NET, Win32 API, Windows Forms, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Windows Forms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript , AJAX, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), Remoting, ADO.NET ,Entity Framework, NHibernate, XML, Microsoft SQL Server Service Broker
Development tools/RAD ToolsVisual Studio, Subversion
Database development and database engines Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
Application and webserversMicrosoft IIS

We employ highly trained specialists who boast unsurpassed experience in software development. This allows us to embark on and complete a variety of projects regardless of complexity level. Our company guarantees full compliance with deadlines and affordable prices. We have attracted gifted and motivated programmers who have confirmed their devotion to the highest standards of quality. We hire experts with scientific background from universities and research & development centers.

One of our paramount goals is to build transparent and predictable partnership and/or contractor relationships with high-tech companies and businesses using clear and concise pricing schemes. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness in delivering customer service and our firm determination to get our job done properly. As we continue our cooperation, we proactively outline the range of technologies to be incorporated in keeping with your goals and requirements.

Our custom software solutions will keep you a step ahead of your competitors. This is achieved through the use of the latest software development platforms and implementation of the most sophisticated software engineering practices.

We will continually improve our ability to use all available resources to respond to customer requests. The ability to think beyond the obvious is paramount to our success. We have processes in place that are proven and tested. We will work with you to review and customize implementation details to best suit your needs.

Pricing schemes

Fixed price

Fixed-price jobs are the best when you have a well-defined and structured scope of work. We accept a fixed-price pattern based on the estimate of your technical specification and requirements, which is conducted at the start of cooperation.

Hourly rate

Hourly rate will be great if you are uncertain about your work scope and rely on a more flexible pattern. If this is the case, we set an hourly rate and bill you according to the work hours you have accumulated over the past week.

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We are only a phone call away general & IT consultancy phone: +7 926 853 6826 sales & order phone (also WhatsApp, Viber, Skype): +7 952 801 7773