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  • ERP system for oil company for planning technical works at company's oil wells and managing its business units. It helps company to monitor and predict oil production, manage investment projects, generate reports on demand for responsible managers. It is also integrated with other systems of the company.
  • Main ERP system for asset management company. It tracks company's assets and operations with them; calculates potential profits; controls financial limits; imports and processes data from data sources like brokers, exchanges; generates reports for portfolio managers and individual customers.
  • ERP system for asset management company's agent offices. It helps agents to work with their customers of mutual funds and track their orders.
  • Quotes monitoring system for asset management company's portfolio managers.
  • 2 reporting systems for steel industry analytical company. They automate company's business - making publications and analytical reports for company's customers.
  • 3D-video and geographical data processing software for realty estate company. It processes gigabytes of panoramic video frames and associated GPS data of streets of Moscow and some other Russian cities (project similar to Google Street View). After processing it allows users to edit trajectories of streets on the map embedded in the application with instruments like in graphic editor.
  • 3D-video shooting automation software for realty estate company
  • Software editor for digital magazines portal to prepare them to publish on a web portal. It processes scanned images and allows user to create and edit its metadata. It looks and works like a graphic editor
  • Event planner for entertainment company with SMS communication support.
  • Tool which makes playing Final Fantasy online game easier
  • C# libraries for crypto-exchanges
  • Integration between security systems and face recognition systems
  • 2-way integration of restaurant system with payment & orders service
  • Chat-bot which helps to learn English words
  • E-mail client library
  • Twitter API client library

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