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When do I go for outsourcing?

Scheme #1: Complete Product Outsourcing

Now you know what kind of product you need to focus on marketing/selling. From this moment, we are the ones who keep your sales going. All you need to do is guide us in what you think is the right direction. If you have decided to use a full pack of solutions, which includes technologies, architecture and programming language, we will select the latest and most appropriate one.

We are open for direct contact and can suggest and discuss alternatives, which you can choose based on our comments and recommendations. Once you launch your sales project, get ready to receive customer feedback and customize your website upon their requests.

Expect your customers to ask tough questions. You can count on us in this case as well. We will handle whatever problem you face and help you generate innovative features and outline effective marketing strategies.

Scheme #2: Partial Product Outsourcing

Once you get it going, there are two alternatives for you:

Please contact us, describe your problem, and we will be right there to help you!

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